The education calculator calculates the current saving required by you in order to meet your child’s future expenses at college. The prevailing inflation rate is taken into account to find true value of money expenses incurred during the years in college. This calculator gives you the desired amount needed to be saved over and above your current savings for the same.

Parents these days want their children to be well educated. So, they already make plans of savings for their children’s education funds. Thus, there is one tool- Education Planning Calculator that helps a parent derive the amount of savings that one should do so as to give his children the best education.

Child Current Age (*)  (In years)
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Total expenses at college per annum based on the current trends (*)  (In Rs.)
Savings till date for the child's education (*)  (In Rs.)
Inflation Rate (*)  (In % p.a.)
Interest on Savings (*)  (In % p.a.)
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